Anya Kudō (駆堂 アンヤ Kudō Anya) a fighter-game uploader, which suits his often angry, cynical and violent attitude. This attitude partially stems from the deaths of his parents and a sleep disorder which gives him regular periods of insomnia, causing him to have to take sleeping pills most of the time and take up game streaming to get rid of boredom during the night. He eventually befriends Akatsuki but quarrels a lot with Zakuro throughout the series.

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Kudō appears to be a young boy, fair-skinned, with a tough body and short black hair and stern red, baggy eyes. He has two pairs of Huggies (a type of earring) located on each of his ear lobes. His biker helmet is black with a big, red line in the middle and is usually strapped around his neck facing his back. He wears a red tank top covered by his blackish-red, long-sleeved, unzipped hooded jacket. Black trousers reaching to his knees and black and white shoes. Both his jacket and trousers have two white stripes on the end.

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He is often seen wearing a bothered or annoyed facial expression. Anya is extremely short-tempered and often speaks his mind, no matter the person or situation. In most circumstances, he responds to people with aggressive emotions and tones. He often uses his body as a way to express his irritation and annoyance towards someone, constantly grabbing and glaring at people. Although he is shown to have an aggressive manner, part of it is due to his sleeping disorder and his inability to fall asleep quickly, causing him to be aggravated easily throughout the day. Although he has a disruptive personality, he is very caring and softer on the inside past his rough protective shell.

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